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I came to fitness and health in the same way many young men seem to do. I played a bit of sport in high school, and then realised pretty quickly that without the structure and fun of organised sport, I didn’t actually have an exercise habit at all, and that if I didn’t find one as soon as possible, I was going to become really unwell. Or worse, in my almost-eighteen-year-old mind, fat.

I tried running a few times, but it was agonising. I couldn’t do it for long, and I only felt worse afterwards, ashamed of how unfit I…

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2019’s Sound of Metal couldn’t be more relevant to 2021.

The COVID-19 pandemic lives on to very different degrees across the world today. For some time now, New Zealand has seen something pretty close to freedom from the coronavirus, with consistent reports of new cases in the community. On the other hand, the US has seen almost 30 million confirmed cases. The disparity of this come-down across the world means a lot of different things, but the one that speaks most closely to Sound of Metal is that even for nations and communities who might be looking at the other…

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I just read This Is Marketing by Seth Godin, and it’s changed the way that I think about business.

I’ve come across Seth Godin a couple of times in the last few years, and from just disparate enough people (one business podcaster, one filmmaker, one songwriting teacher, and most unexpectedly, one home-cooking YouTuber) that I finally decided to actually buy some of his books instead of just jumping onto his blog, reading a couple of decent if maybe insubstantial posts, and wondering what all the hype was about.

So I read, and absolutely loved, The Dip.

The Dip is tiny…

Liam Riordan

Alleged creative practitioner.

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